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The CWSO is invested in developing and sharing resources related to creative writing and creative writing studies for our members and member programs. These include:

  • Our Creative Writing Research Statement, which outlines the scope and purpose of research in creative writing
  • Curated reading lists in topic areas of creative writing studies, including an introduction to creative writing studies, the history of creative writing in United States higher education, creative writing pedagogy, digital creative writing, and diversity and inclusion in creative writing
  • Links to book series and journals that publish scholarly articles in the field of creative writing studies, including CWSO’s own creative writing studies book series
  • Our CWSO Fellowship program, begun in 2019, for graduate students working in creative writing studies

We expect our list of resources to grow along with the organization, and we have plans for publishing a creative writing studies syllabus bank and more robust social media presence that will allow us to network our members and promote publications and events related to creative writing studies.

Photo by Mikael Kristenson