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Creative Writing Research Statement

Creative Writing Research Statement

This Creative Writing Research Statement is provided to assist those engaging with Creative Writing as writers, scholars and teacher writers. In this regard, these can be considered as research guidelines and definitions in the burgeoning field of Creative Writing Studies.

The undertaking, exploration and investigation of Creative Writing can be approached from a wide variety of perspectives and for a great many reasons: personal, cultural, economic and pedagogic. We acknowledge here the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion, as general principles, and offer this Research Statement with these general principles in mind.

The purpose of this Research Statement might include its application in informing graduate programs in Creative Writing where critical exploration of writing practice is foregrounded. It might also assist in considering the nature of any Creative Writing projects where a critical response is required. This Research Statement could assist in tenure review where a committee might wonder about the range of work undertaken by faculty engaged both with the practice of Creative Writing and its critical investigation. Similarly, research sponsors seeking guidance on the nature of investigative work in the field of Creative Writing Studies could use this Research Statement as a guide. It could also be used in the development of conferences, programs and degrees. The intentions and application of this statement are not limited to these alone.

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